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Power Transmission Drive Belts

Belts and V-belts drives are an inexpensive and efficient way to transfer power from mechanical motors to perform various functions within the industrial, agricultural, automotive, and construction industries.

Most people have seen belts in action. V-belts or Fan Belts have been used for years in automobile engines. However, the v belt application have been replaced by a single serpentine belt. But you can still see how the power from the engine is efficiently transferred by the belt to other parts of the engine.

The V Belt was originally developed by the Gates Rubber founder, John Gates in 1917. The name V-Belt comes from the V shape of the belt. This shape matches the v shaped groove of the pulley and helps prevent slippage. This also keeps the belt from coming off the pulley. As the load of the motor drive, it creates a wedging action between the belt and pulley. This wedging improves the transmission of the power and makes the v-belt an effective solution.

V-Belts also provide a safety cushion to bearings and engines by reducing vibration and being the weak link in the power supply chain. Being the weak link in this chain is a good thing. As the belt will normally break if something goes wrong. Saving on expensive engine repairs.

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